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info aboutthe animals

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info aboutthe animals

hello and good eveing all,
can you tell me a little bit about what goes on there and about the animals?
like how are the animals been care for things like that ,what animals come out at night, i see huts there who live in them .sorry if i am asking to many question but i would like to know about the things i am watching and the type of animale i am seening. i know you have been asks this question a millon of time .but i am new to this site and enjoying it.my computer has not been turn off sine i was told about this site. i have never seen anything like this. it is a whole new world for me, one that i would like to know more about. thank you so much for your time in answering my question.

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You can never predict what animals come out when...But i'll type you a list

Impala-During the day
Wildebeest-During the day
Elephant-Day and night
Lion-day and night
Hyena-Weve seen them during the day but mostly at night
Jackal-Day and night
buffalo-day and night
cheetah-out during the day but have been seen at night also
leopard-Mostly at night
Zebra-Day and night
vervet monkey-day
reedbuck-day and night

Animals you will see if your lucky are African wildcat,serval,civet, genet, and leopard..

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Happy camming

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Hey, you must like Cheetahs - yay! Laughing out loud

They are probably nightjars or bats flying around.

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hello ,thank you for answering my question have anyone for you . at night as i watch to see some animals i see something that look like flashes of lights jumping around my guest they are are some kine of bugs. can you tell me what they are?
thanks again,

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Hello & welcome!!!!! Laughing out loud

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Welcome to Africam!

"audrey jean" wrote:
like how are the animals been care for things like that ,
The animals you see on Nkorho cam are wild animals.

what animals come out at night,
Nocturnal animals like hyenas, jackals, white-tailed mongoose, African wild cats and lions. We have also seen elephants and rhinos at night and twice hippos. The animals we hear at night are mostly hyenas, owls, nightjars, frogs/toads and crickets.

i see huts there who live in them .
That's Nkorho Bush Lodge. The staff and guests of the lodge live there. More info can be found at nkorho.com.

Happy Camming!

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