P.S. TO THAT......

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P.S. TO THAT......

I also want to add, he is having major surgery in the next few weeks.
They are not sure if he will be able to make it, but if he doesn't have it, he won't. You are all so great, I also requesting that you keep him in your prayers for me. His name is Nicholas Acevedo.
Thanks from my HEART....


I enjoy every second that I can spend at the wonderful and exciting Nkorho Water Hole.
This is Nicholas holding a note saying
Thank You for the Cheetah Videos!

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Candy and wndwrd,

I'll keep both the little men in my prayers.

Keep us posted.

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Good wishes for you also Wndwrd. All my best and hugs.

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Candy..I too have a grandson with a conditon that could take his life. He is six and the joy of my life. I adore him. Theres nothing like being a grandmother....My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Please let us know how you both make out.

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Please keep us aprised, Candy, and we will certainly keep you and Nicholas and your family in our thoughts.

About the videos, I can't help. I don't do any video capture. In the same forum as where the camera images are posted every day, there are threads that are devoted to video captures. Not sure there are any Cheetah, but, look at that forum to see if there's anything he might enjoy.

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