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Tues. 27th feb. 07h40 .Video pic frozen but time advancing

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Tues. 27th feb. 07h40 .Video pic frozen but time advancing

on Win Media pic is frozen, but the time indicator is advancing at 07h40. Seeing zebras partially on left of screen , one zeb tail is up and has been that way for quite a few minutes plus zebra hasn't moved. Anyone else experiencing this?

edited: now pic is moving again but is very jerky movement when for the past 3 hours and 20 mins it was running perfectly. and now it's frozen again.

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hi there, Bottlenose,
i have not had all those problems that you are describing. Up to Saturday and sunday it ran fine. no problems. Other than when it was evident that any problems that i had were due to the site having problems.
It is only on Monday that this freeze was evident for the first time on my PC/WMP.
Shortly after i made that was fine again and ran for more than 5 hours without a hitch then i logged off and shut down my PC. Turns out there was a power outage over quite a large area, all internet and phones were down.

But thanks for the input, i am sure it will help someone out there. And it's good to know if i run into any of that in the future.

edit to say: it was Monday, my time, when i made the post..but Tuesday already in SA when i made my original post re: the freeze. That is why i said my problem was Monday in reply to you

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I frequently have the same annoying problem. I typically watch the waterhole with the standalone WMP. All too often the video freezes, while the clock continues to run and the sound continues normally. This leaves the impression all is working, when it is not.

I only discover the video is frozen if someone in the Boma comments on seeing activity I'm not seeing, or if I periodically refresh the WMP.

VERY disconcerting! I have missed a lot, thinking I was seeing the real thing and not being able to tell the video was frozen on something quite old.

I also frequently see the jerky start-stop syndrome, where the video looks more like an intermittent slide show with random time intervals between slides. At least when this happens, I know there is a problem. With the freezes, there is no way to tell there is a problem.

It seems like all this started at the same time WaveLit changed the address of the WMP stream to mms://

Are others experiencing this problem, and can anyone offer advice regarding a remedy? It has gotten so bad here, that watching the camera is becoming more of a frustration than a pleasure.

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