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Karin.....can we get to know you better thread

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Karin.....can we get to know you better thread

I wonder if its not stepping to close to home or personal if we the viewers can ask some simple questions of you.

Like for example....and I have many. Smiling

How long have you worked there?

Are you born and raised there?

where would you like to go if money was not a problem and why?

Whats it like on your drive to work in the into a lot of wildlife on the way?

Whats the most important thing you would love for us cammers to know about SA?

Whats the most important thing you've learned while camming the camera?

Is it really heaven on earth there? (thats how I see SA)

Do you have a personal site that you visit as often as we come here?

Like to share with us? Smiling

I guess thats a good start. I will add more later and hope others will post some of their questions too if its not a problem.

I hope you have a great day evening as you are 7 hours a head of me in Michigan, USA.

Thank YOU and everyone else who helps out with the camera as we are so addicted and for me personally would LOVE to visit soon.