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To the moderators

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To the moderators

Dear Mods,

I wanted to apologize if I stirred up trouble in the waterhole discussion. I was just getting worn down from all the anger and upset lately.

I love the fact that there are soooo many new people visiting the forum and the camera. Believe me, it feels great that Africam has so many viewers.

But, I just thought that many of our new people don't feel they are getting the attention they want. I tried to explain that they are not being ignored.

The complaints about not getting an answer to a post or question right away, as well as all the complaints about how horrible the cam has been lately has driven me to sadness.

I wanted you all to know that I thought you all do a great job. I think the guys who run Africam do a phenomenal job as well. I mean, they must be...considering they are bringing us the wilds of Africa to our homes.

I just needed to apologize. It was not my intention to anger others or upset them. I just wanted the new people to understand the dynamics of things. Everyone around here is so friendly and I have never felt like they ignore people.

Take care and keep the great work. I'm back now to staying quiet. I think it might be safer that way.

Most sincerely,
Heather Smiling

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud I, too, agree with the others, Heather, apologies defintely uncalled for and thank you for the kind words also!

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Thanks for your kind words Heather, & like Ingwe says, no need to apologize it's much appreciated !

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Heather, you have no need to apologize. I can't imagine anyone being insulted by what you wrote. It was very eloquent and polite.

I appreciated your words very much, there is no harm in saying how you feel, when it is done in such a kind way.

........ and today, look what we have! A great pic, lazy wildies, maybe a leopard snoozing away the afternoon, who knows? Eye-wink Laughing out loud

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Thanks everyone. I know that I may have stirred up some trouble in what I said. And again, I'm sorry if I insulted anyone.

It's just that this cam and forum is the greatest and I feel the need to protect it. I just felt really bad with all the complaints and the problems of the past week.

Yeah, there's going to be problems with the cam. Sometimes it doesn't work. But, 99% of the time, it does. And being that we are getting to see such a tiny part of a very big world out there is spectacular!

So, I just had to say a few words. And I appreciate that others understood what I was trying to say.

Now...let's get back to those wildesbeests and zebras hanging out under the tree! Aren't they awesome?!

Heather Smiling

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Well said, Heather, Chuck and Ann!

I'm back from rehearsal and it looks like it's going to be a long night at the Boma.

However, I'm not surprised. You couldn't get me, nor I hope any person with his wits about him, out by the watering hole after dark for all the diamonds in South Africa, armed guides or not. With my luck, I would run into a short-sighted, short-tempered rhino, and he'd be picking pieces of me from between his toes for days! And rhinos are the nice, herbivorous sort of animal.

From ghoulies and ghosties,
And long-legged beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Lord, deliver us!
--Can't remember who wrote it.

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As one who only pipes up now and again, I have to say that I think the whole Africam sight is just a joy. I don't actually come here for socializing, although I do enjoy reading many of the comments. I just love to see the critters and hear the sounds. The mods are so good to get as much done as they do, and overall, I just love it here.
So thanks to EVERYONE who is involved!

Ann in Ohio

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Well said Chuck!..and Heather Smiling


Study nature,love nature,stay close to nature. It will never fail you!           

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Hi Heather,

Thanks for your kind words. Yes Africam and the Boma have become wildly popular around the globe. To give you and others an idea how fast it's growing, when I joined in November I was member 1476. Here it is early March and there are 3508 registered users. So we've doubled our users in just under 5 months.

As in any social setting there will be friction from time to time. We try to keep this to a minimum so that everyone can enjoy the sights and sounds AND hopefully make new friends via the Boma. Speaking for myself, I've made many new friends all over the world. I am pleased to say that I've now got new friends in Canada, several from the US, UK, Belgum, Denmark, SA and the list goes on and on.

It is true that at times the WH discussion is fast moving and not the easiest to keep up with. It really goes crazy when there is much activity, like with the lions around Christmas, or the rhinos and hippos in the last few weeks. With all that forum activity it's understandable that a question or 2 may be missed. Then there was what happened the other night. Some one ask a question and the next post was 20 minutes later. But the question was answered eventually. Your reply was, in my thinking, very appropriate and timely. I thank you for posting it.

I think that there is a misconception that since we are moderators that we have all the answers. We don't. Some of us are quite good with birds and bird songs, I'm not one of those though. We are all fairly good with the larger animals (even though I still confuse Kudu and Waterbuck), but for all of us it is a learning process.

There are a few data bases that are quite helpful both visual and audio. I keep a window open on them most all the time. Much time and effort went into assembling them and they are being added to as new things present themselves.

Moving on to the cam. As moderators there is absolutely nothing we can do about the cam, that is entirely in the hands of the staff at the lodge. As far as I'm concerned they are doing a masterful job of letting us see a small little corner of Africa. Even at that there are things that are out of thier control, weather, power surges, problems with the hosting site. As a group we discuss problems and when needed we escalate them up the food chain (so to speak). Most of the time the problem is fixed fairly quickly with the exception of weather issues which eventually pass.

Again Heather, from all of us thank you for you kind words.


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thanks heather very well said!! Laughing out loud

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