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weather in africa

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weather in africa

hello ,i don't what to sound dum,but i would like to know about the weather were your at.i live in pittsburgh pa. and we have snow and our weather changes from season to season. how does your season run?
thank you.

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The area where the waterhole is situated is know as the "Lowveld"

Summer temperatures can climb above 40 degrees C. Rainfall in the Lowveld averages around 800mm per annum, and falls mainly in the summer months, which can result in humid, sultry weather. The rainy season usually starts in September and can last until May.

The climate is much more tolerable in the winter months of June, July and August. Then the days are mild, and the nights a little cool. This time of the year is also ideal for animal viewing because the shrubs and trees don't have so many leaves to obstruct the view. Since it hardly ever rains in winter the animals must come to the waterhole in the morning and afternoon to drink.


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