Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

About the new address and more

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About the new address and more

It is easy to find the address I can't understand why wavelit and africam threaten people to ban them of viewing cams if they share the addies...

I think it is better to encourage us to watch from the wavelit and Africam window ...

so I can suggest those

1. Put adds on the version we get on players Real or Media (like NG cams)

2. Change the window to be easier to watch

I used to watch from the Africam window for long ...but the last days you changed it and did it tooo big...From the 440X310 changed it bigger than 470X320....If someone wants to post pics on Boma needs to resize it isn't useful .. Of course there are two choices ...smaller window or let us posting bigger pics...but I prefer the first ....

Second let us to resize the window...If someone don't want to see the adds can put the half of the window outside of the screen !!!! And when I do it the only I can see is the logo of Africam and only one advertisment ...and I'm one of those who clicks often on ads from Africams windows ...It isn't change something to look all time at adds

3. Let people to tell their suggestions ...maybe you will find the best solution

4. Explain the need of adds at the Welcome section of Boma

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I'd like to add one more suggestion. Wavelit has changed it's viewer to a WMP but there are no video controls. For us with poorer eyesight the WMP video adjustments to brightness and contrast allow us to view the cam better especially the night cam.

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