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New user - first questions

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New user - first questions

Hi all, I'm Roger in Massachusetts and I've been watching the water hole for a little over a month. Like everyone else, I've become an addict. My main question is, since I'm a night owl and sit up half the night watching (here on the east coast of the U.S. sunrise in SA occurs around midnight, our time) I often see things which I would love to share with my wife and 12 yr old son. Is there a (legal) way that I can capture bits of video to my hard drive for later viewing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi -- taking video is way beyond my technical capacity, but a lot of people do figure it out, and there would be lots of technical help for that on different pages here.. But the easiest thing for a newbie is to watch the movies that people post -- you could show those to your son anytime you can get online. In my experience, there has been no good/interesting sighting that someone hasn't posted for everyone else.. either on youtube or photobucket..
the first thing I do when I've been away is go to the the pictures thread and see what I've missed.. there always a good still photo/video record.
This is a great community.

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