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New to this Chit Chat

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Joined: Mar 9 2007
New to this Chit Chat

I am new to this whole experience and it is great to be chatting with fellow animal lovers. I am not sure how this works.. whether there is a daily topic or just general chat.
I am addicted to the Watering Hole, I watch it as often as possible.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


"Wild About Otters"

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I too love the watering hole, but I find it incredible how far the camera can zoom in to find animals at a great distance. I appreciate that there's a 'mic' to capture all the sounds of the jungle too.
I haven't seen any zebras yet ...lots of monkeys... Smiling

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otter im new to this also i love all animal cams and water hole i love the zebras have named couple since watch them daily and also now im getting into the folaing of horses and donkeys

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Hello there Otter and Welcome.

We start a daily chat here in the Campfire each day at midnight Africam time (GMT + 2) and everyone is welcome to jump in there and say hi and pass the time of day. Also, anything you want to post about is welcome here in CAmpfiire (look at the topics for an idea of what people post).

Up in the Waterhole, there is also a daily thread where folks discuss what they are watching at the waterhole, and talk about the sound of birds and animals we're hearing. There too, a new daily thread starts at Midnight Africa time.

Also there are several Streaming Cam "sightings" threads started each day. Those are for notations of the africa time and the animal or bird sighted or heard, identified. As well as a separate thread for photo's captured of those animals, and another for videos.

I hope that helps. Say hi in the daily Campfire thread and ask if you're confused. Lots of folks to help

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