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Spammers:Technical Question For Cameraman

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Spammers:Technical Question For Cameraman

Hi Cameraman,this is a question regarding spammers ability to post on a site like this. I use another board which is local to me,which is for local Birders. Only recently we have started getting spammers a result the board is now restricted to members posting,but it appears some spammers took the time to register. Is there any program I could recommed to the board administrator(he is a volunteer,so not sure how up to date his knowledge is) to filter such posts? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Hi BF,

I'm not entirely sure at the moment. It seems that spammer registration is also automated and that spammers are spamming the first forum in the list. I'd suggest to your friend that he creates a dummy forum at the top and that he cleans it out periodically.

I'm going to try that here this week.


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