Naledi and Idube Cams down. Olifants River cam is down due to damaged fiber switches. We are working on solutions.

Nkorho Videoclips March 19 - March 25

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Nkorho Videoclips March 19 - March 25

New Week of video clips here!

just wish I had something to post

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10.54pm: Moonset over the waterhole, sorry for the blurry pic:

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Rhino 1:13am

Videos of the mysterious Critter at 2:49am Civet maybe?

This is the lighter video

And this is the darker version

Jackals & Zebras 6:10am

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Grey Heron at Dusk 03 24 07 1430CAT

Two Ellies 03 24 07 1815CAT

Rhino family 03 24 07 1830CAT Part 1

Rhino family 03 24 07 1830CAT Part 2

Jackal or .....?

Wildie 03 24 07 2355CAT

Thirsty Rhino 03 25 07 0125CAT

Jackal as cam changed 03 25 07 0545CAT.wmv

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3/24/07 early afternoon and evening

3.54pm: Impala at the waterhole:

3.57pm: Impala, Zebra's, and Wildebeest at the waterhole:

4.17pm: Wildebeest drinking with the Grey Heron there:

4.24pm: Wildebeest and some strange calling bird in the background:

4.39pm: Grey Heron catches himself dinner:

5.40pm: Wildebeest grooming each other:

6.29pm: Rhino family come to the pan:
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
part 5:

8.07pm: 2 Elephant at the waterhole:

edited to add video

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Mom and Babe Warties with Grey Heron 03 24 07 1420CAT

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First impala of the morning, still in black and white

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Those buffs just kept on rolling's a wonder there's any water left at all! And what do you suppose happened to the turtles?? Squished????

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Cape Buffalo Herd 1:31am Part 1

Cape Buffalo Herd 1:31am Part 2

Cape Buffalo Stragglers 1:31am Part 3

Critter enters right as Buffalo exits Left 1:48am

Lone Buffalo Bull Enjoys a Wallow in the Hole 3:02am

Rhino Family clips are compressed so clarity isn't that good. Will try to get the uncompressed clips up later. Smiling

Rhino Family 6:28pm Part 1

Rhino Family 6:28pm Part 2

Rhino Family 6:28pm Part 3

2 Elephants 8:04pm

Elephant 9:36pm Part 1

Elephant 9:36pm Part 2

Critter possibly Jackal 11:32pm

Jackals Sound Off 11:43pm

Lone Wildebeest 11:53pm

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12.34am small whitetailed mongoose crosses over the top of the pan:

12.38am sudden squall passes over the pan:

1.19am (part 1) Massive herd of Cape Buffalo cover the pan:

1.19am (part 2) Massive herd of Capes:

1.42am 3 stragglers bringing up the rear:

2.58am Single Cape Buffalo takes a long, leisurely, loud bath:

edited to add videos

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3/23/07 (finally :oops: )

7.07 pm Lone Cape Buffalo comes to the waterhole just before cam freezes:

7.58pm Elephant comes to the waterhole for a long and lengthy drink:

8.20pm Rhino and baby come to the waterhole for a drink:

8.24pm Momma and baby Rhino joined at the waterhole by Mr.Hyena:

8.27pm Momma and baby now joined by an elephant:

8.30pm A third Rhino joins the momma and baby at the waterhole:

8.34pm Baby Rhino nursing then falling asleep, then finally they all 3 take off:

edited to add videos

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