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Hello from the Netherlands

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Hello from the Netherlands

Hi everyone,

9 days ago I discovered this wonderful website and since then I am completely hooked, every time I get a chance (even in the schoollibrary I am working in for 2 days a week) I turn on the Nkorho stream video. It is so much more fun than watching an animal movie, to think that what you see is happening that very moment so far away from me! It's just one hour earlier here than were the cam is located, so even the day/night feeling is correct for me.
thursday 15/3 was a good day, I spotted elephants, a giraffe, zebras, a stork and some gazelles. WOW.
This year we will go on a holiday to South Africa with our family, we have 2 sons aged 14 and 17 and we are all very excited about that, and now we can have so much fun in advance.
Thanks to the people who make this possible!

Well, that's my introduction, forgot to tell you I am a woman, 47 years old, married (the 2 kids I already mentioned) and we are living in the centre of the Netherlands.
Now I am going to try and spot something! and read in the forum topics


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Welcome to Africam!

Happy Camming!

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Welcome! Nice to meet you. The site is a wonderful place. I envy you going on holiday in S.Africa. Be sure and take plenty of pictures, and post them for us to see. D

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