Lights are not working at Tembe. Idube cam is down. Nkorho cam is down due to storm damage. We are working on solutions.

Nkorho Videoclips April 2 - April 8

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Nkorho Videoclips April 2 - April 8

New Week!

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Waterhole through a Bubble 04 08 07 1715CAT

White-Tailed Mongoose 04 08 07 1920CAT

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3.31pm Crowned Lapwings at the waterhole:

3.55pm Impala and frisky Wildebeest in the background:

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White Tailed Mongoose 2:16am

The Impala Run Wild 7:56am

Wildebeest & Zebra Come for a Drink 4:14pm

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Terrapin sunning at waterhole 04 07 07 1530CAT

Three Terrapin sunning 04 07 07 1600CAT

Lone Impala just after dusk 04 07 07 1830CAT

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Wildebeest Running Wild 7:00am

Zebra Family 9:01am

White Tailed Mongoose & Jackals 10:31pm

White Tailed Mongoose 10:50pm

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Ellie herd with Babies returns 04 06 07 1530CAT

Zebra with Baby and Youth 04 06 07 1630CAT

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2.52pm Terrapin sunning:

3.00pm My first Blacksmith Plover (informed by Gerda they are now Blacksmith Lapwings):

3.24pm 9 Ellies come to the waterhole, mom and babies:

3.39pm More Blacksmith Plovers at the waterhole (Blacksmith Lapwings):

5.17pm Late afternoon and the setting sun over the waterhole:

edited to add video

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April 5
Egyptian Geese at Sunrise 04 05 07 0605CAT

Black-Backed Jackal resting for a fun filled night ahead 04 05 07 1640CAT

Wildebeest drinking at WH 04 05 07 1640CAT

Adult and Juvenile Black-Backed Jackals 04 05 07 1720CAT

Lovely Sunset with Ellies emerging from Trees 04 05 07 1800CAT

Ellie Herd with many Babies & Youth 04 05 07 1800CAT Part 1

Ellie Herd with many Babies & Youth 04 05 07 1800CAT Part 2

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4/4 Times are Appoximate Smiling

Wildebeest 1:04am

Wildebeest 2:56am

Zebra 4/4 6:01am Part 1

Zebra 4/4 6:01am Part 2

Jackal & Baboons 8:15am

Zebra 8:25am

Baboons 8:34am

Baboon 8:46am

Zebra 8:49am

Zebra 9:01am

Zebra, Wildebeest, Baboons 9:06am

Wildebeest Running 9:38am

Widlebeest 9:45am

Wildebeest 9:57am

Wildebeest Youngin Takes a Mudbath 10:07am

Mom & Baby Zebra 11:27am

Jackal 2:36pm

Hyena 8:05pm

Elephant 8:14pm

Jackal 11:32pm

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2.56am Lone Wildebeest comes for quick drink and pass thru:

3.58pm Southern Ground Hornbill family:

4.01pm Juvenile Ground Hornbill:

4.05pm Close up of Ground Hornbill foraging for food:

4:10pm Crowned Lapwings:

edited to add video

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