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video film

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video film

I just watched a film taken on 3/24 at 1:3l a.m.and watched the Watering Hole actually fill up with Cape Buffalo. They just kept on coming!!! It was one of the most awesome sights!!! Do they normally travel in such large herds?


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Quite interesting to learn they may travel in such enormous herds. There seemed a mixture of male/female young/old in the group that was filmed. I found it quite awesome, as I said, and sat here in PA and said, "Oh my, they keep coming.
May I ask?? Are they one of the most dangerous of the wildlife in Africa as I'v read and heard or is that just because they appear so intimidating??
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It's not uncommon to see such big buffalo herds.

Buffalos gather into herds that may range from a few individuals to over 3000 animals - a sight certainly worth seeing. Common herds are a mixed group of males and females of all ages, from new calves to old bulls. Smaller bachelor herds form frequently and solitary old bulls are also found.

(from's course "Game Ranging/Field Guiding").

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