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African Folklore by Credo Mutwa

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African Folklore by Credo Mutwa

Insects (and other Invertebrates)
This component deals with Credo's thoughts on Africa's smaller creatures, the insects, arachnids and millipedes
Credo Mutwa waxes lyrical about Africa's winged - creatures. From general bird-lore to accounts of individual species.
This is a mixed Component, dealing with a variety of Credo Mutwa's beliefs and stories. You'll find accounts on smallpox, his ancestors, a great deal about animals and their feelings, sangomas and hyaenas, followed by a detailed account on his beliefs about the creation of the Universe, Extraterrestrials, Constellations and other heavenly things
Credo Mutwa has a great deal to say about Africa's Mammals. He expressed views and beliefs and tells stories about 15 common animals. In doing so he shares his own experiences, frequently hair-raising and humorous.
Trees, Reptiles and the Natural World
Three different topics are covered in this eclectic component. From trees to reptiles, from rocks to creation. Credo Mutwa, one of Africa's finest story tellers has his say.
Obtainable from http://www.wildlifecampus.com/