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Welcome back, Karin!

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Welcome back, Karin!

I just read Karin's post and I wanted to welcome her back! I know from the talk over the past few days there are others who have the same feeling Smiling I started watching Africam while she was gone, so I guess for me it is "pleased to meet you!" Smiling

Anyway, welcome back, Karin! Please tell Gabbi she is doing a great job and we're excited to have her here! Smiling


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Welcome back Karin. You must know, you mean a great deal to us. We're happy you're back, and, hope you'll get to the camera some also, maybe to host another special birding event? Smiling

We're happy to meet Gabi and grateful to you both and to everyone at Nkorho for sharing your world with us.

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Hello and welcome back to Karin - I wanted to take the opportunity to say "thank you" for your terrific camera work. I'm afraid I took your excellent camera work for granted; and then you were gone! You always remembered that someone was watching, and you moved the camera with such grace and patience. You focused on exactly what we would want to look at if it were our eyes. I don't know how you do that; I guess it's a gift. But of course Gabbi will now be just as dear to us, as she brings us this magnificent experience of seeing and hearing the water hole in real time, no matter where we are on earth.

I've been coming to Africam since 1998, and I used to be addicted to the 30-second still shot. I used to stare at it so intently, wanting to step inside my computer screen and see, hear and even smell it!

And now it's 2007 and I can see and hear it! Life is so GOOD!

So thank you Karin for your caring camera work, and Gabbi the best of luck to you as you are the eyes for sooo many who can't be there in person!

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Welcome back Karin! and happy to meet you Gabbi! You've been doing a GREAT job!

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Great thread!

Yes, I believe I joined when she was gone as well and it has fast become an addiction to me.

BTW, I think I need to change my name. I feel guilty reading all these praises for Gabbi. Laughing out loud

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