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Is there something wrong with the pan function?

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Is there something wrong with the pan function?

Is it possible that the "pan up" function on the camera is not working? Not a complaint... just a question. This is what we have been seeing quite a bit of over the past few days on distance shots:

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Callie... I sent you a PM about the BB Jackal Pup that you are seeing in the log.

CallieG (not verified)
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5:50 am CAT NK

I was wondering if you could get closer shots of the animals so that I/we could get some really good shots of the animals.  They are too far away most of the time to get a really good look at them.  Thanks for the wonderful closeups of the Egyptian Geese this week. I got some really beautiful closeups of them.

 I would love some really good shots of the Black Backed Jackes. & would you please for a while check out the log at the left end of the water hole to see if the Black Backed Jackel is still being hidden there by the parents?  He is so beautiful but hard to see.

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