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I only seen one zebra today all alone ..

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I only seen one zebra today all alone ..

I would like to know if a animal is sick can anyone put them out of there misery or let nature take it's course ? this really bothers me ..the last couple of weeks there has been 4 large zebra's with two babe's..and today there was one..i love watching animals but lonely or hurt ones gets to me .. :cry: :cry:

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Ok ..this makes me feel much better then..thank you both

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It could have been a solitary stallion.

From WildlifeCampus' course in Game Ranging/Field Guiding:

"Zebra are either found in bachelor herds of 2 - 15, as solitary stallions, or in a single male-dominated harem consisting of mothers and their offspring."

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Might be a young male dolly on its own looking for its own herd if it was injured or ill i doubt it would have the energy to role around Laughing out loud



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