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New cameraman

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New cameraman

The new camera operator needs a bit more training. Seems like she (he?) tries to get too close, animals move out of frame, then she pulls back - in and out. I realize it make take time to learn to operate it properly, but my suggestion would be to stay further out at first, then zoom when animals seem to have stopped moving. Also watch out for poor focus. Also pan more slowly - zigging and zaggins are too fast.

Thanks for the input.

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AMEN! ! ! We should all be thrilled with the marvelous service these folks provide. Keep up the good work, Gabbi and Karen!


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I agree, they do a fabulous job !!!

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I think our camera volunteers do a wonderful job, and for being new at the controls, Gabi is learning very quickly.

There are always going to be times when the sensitive controls get away from the zoomie. We have to understand just how complicated the operation is, and, how much effort it takes to follow a moving creature that they can barely even see.

I say cut them some slack.

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