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Oh Heck!!!

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Oh Heck!!!

My main work computer died today Sad

In the general scheme of things, this is not a 'major disaster', bearing in mind the events in Virginia and other tragic events around the world, but it is a 'minor disaster' for my business (and personally as I may have lost all my precious photo's of the children at Nursery, my trips to SA and all of my work files!) so..

.....if anyone has emailed me over the last few days (the last time I read my emails was Thursday p.m. but any recent ones would have been downloaded this morning by my Manager and are now lost) please resend them!

I have also lost all of my friends' email addresses - yes all 3 of you Sticking out tongue

My friends Raj and Gordon are hoping to salvage some of the information on my puter, but that may not include your email addies - so please, if you have my email addy and want to stay in touch, send me yours to