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July 28th Chit--Chat

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July 28th Chit--Chat

Hi all--It is 8AM here in Haifa-----am starting this chat to let everyone know that I am leaving Haifa in about 1/2 an hour to visit friends further south for 4 days. I may or maynot have access to a computer---if so only from Saturday night. So if you don't hear from me---that is why.
First siren of the day went of earlier than usual--7:45AM---no bombs fell in Haifa.
Going off-line now so I can finish getting ready to leave.

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safe travel chandra *** hello rest of the world +16 some clouds nice to be cooler maby some rain on sunday- had a american goldfinch at bird bath got one pic befor it flew off - 7 baby junco,s and 3 towhee on lawn i threw out more seed- one bald eagle soared over property for a minute no pics -i was busy tossing seed-

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Good morning everyone. Glad to see that Chandra has gone somewhere safer for a while. Is anyone here right now?

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Morning all friday at last.
Good to hear all is well Chandra hope you have a nice break with friends!

Hope everyone has a good day! Laughing out loud

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