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WildlifeCampus: New Course Launch - Animal Tracks and Signs

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WildlifeCampus: New Course Launch - Animal Tracks and Signs

WildlifeCampus is particularly pleased to announce the launch of their latest Course offering Animal Tracks and Signs of Africa.

Written by world renowned experts in this field, Chris and Mathilde Stuart, this course covers every aspect of discovering, deciphering and identifying just about any track or sign found in the wild.

Enhanced by over 300 illustrations, 1,300 photographs and a comprehensive assessment, this course takes an in-depth look at Tracks, Prints, Spoor, Trails, Droppings, Feeding Signs, Kill Sites, Mud Wallowing, Rubbing Posts, Tree Scratchings, Scent Marking, Holes, Bark-Stripping, Shed Hair, Skin & Feathers, Nests in and out of Trees, Mammal & Invertebrate Shelters and Skulls.

All students and unregistered visitors can complete the Free Component for this course - Signs of Passing Wildlife - available from

This course will enhance your enjoyment of the wild, even when no animals are seen. It is highly recommended.