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Good evening Bomites ........

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Good evening Bomites ........

tho I doubt that many are here at this time on a Friday evening?

It is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK but my hopes for a weekend of dog-walking and birding have been scuppered by an invitation to a double Christening on Sunday of my freind's two grandchildren (both of whom attend my day nursery) and my visit to this freind's mother, the children's great-grandmother (my dear freind Phyllis) tomorrow, who is in hospital following a heart attack.
Phyllis is in her early 90's but her mind is still as sharp as it was 70 years ago and she has always been very fit and active until she took ill last Tuesday

Her family (and mine) are just hoping that she will, at the least, remain well enough to see, at least, the pics of the Christening of her youngest Great-Grandchildren.