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I am not new but........

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I am not new but........

Someone has to get this topic started? Smiling

I am 'Tabs' (Margaret) from Twickenham, London, UK and have been an avid africammer since I found this site in early 2000. I have watched Africam grow, die, grow again, die again and am still here 6.5 years later watching it grow again!
Hopefully this resurrection will be the final one and Africam will, like the Phoenix, rise again to great heights!

I have met many fellow Africammers from around the world and have made many good friends through the site; some of whom have been generous enough to accomodate me on my various trips to SA, Europe and the USA, some of whom I have had the pleasure of accomodating during their trips to London.

I have yet to meet some 'Africam' friends but I hope that I will do so one day...... Eye-wink

My passion in life is....... wildlife of course, particularly African wildlife, including birds.

I study African wildlife through Wildlifecampus (wildlifecampus.com) - there is a link to Wildlifecampus via the Africam Homepage - and I thoroughly recommend their courses for those who would like to know more about African wildlife, from elephants to insects.

I am also a keen supporter of various Wildlife charities and, in particular, support the Cape Leopard Trust - which is currently featured on this site (Leopard cam) - and try to visit them whenever I go to SA.

'Nuff said?

Now tell us about yourselves please - how you found this site, what your interests are, where you live..... etc etc etc!

You have a lot of new freinds just waiting to 'meet' you here!