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Dearest Took >>

Thank you dearest, and most loved fool of a nephew, for your call tonight - you have made your old auntie very happy!

I hope that you will not miss your beloved Lilybelle too much whilst she is on her mission/promise to dunk a 'certain resident' of Conneticut in the nearest available water on my behalf?

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement tonight - I will try to repay you for this during my current 'adventure into unkown' regions!

your loving auntie


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Dear Auntie ! Usually Gandalf tells me to best not talk at all and keep my big mouth shut because we Tooks often speak before we think... Eye-wink ...but I am happy that you enjoyed my use of the Palantir (which of course Gandalf had forbidden) !
Lilybelle is actually looking forward to fulfill your request concerning the person in question ! :twisted:
.....with lots of respect and love, looking forward to your adventure,
your nephew Peregrin Took Laughing out loud


" Fool of a Took ! "  Gandalf

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