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Sat, Sept 16th chit chat

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Sat, Sept 16th chit chat

Hi and bye Bomites, off to new adventures this morning, lol, think I'll take a breather tomorrow and go for a later start, lol, hope all are well, have a great day, everyone!

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Hello world how is everyone today, it has cooled off to 16C so is much better for walks to the lake and back, today found a turtle, picked it up to show grandson, good thing I didn't have a finger near it's mouth it made a good attempt to bite, got a twig instead and severed it, one SNAP lol. Prior catching of turtles has taught me you don't keep it to close or get peed on and sure enough this one lightened the load all over the ground. At least this time it wasn't in my shoe. Once let go in the grass off it went spitting and snorting in disgust at people who disturb it's daily walk lol. Take care all and be good as me he he.

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