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Wildlife campus

Hi there!

Seen this site offers courses can i have some more information on it.

I'm really interested!!

Laughing out loud

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You may also want to consider, if you have taken the Game Ranging course, doing the Practical side of this course. Although it is not essential, it is helpful and a very valuable experience.

There are a few practical courses available but one of the very best is the Eco-Training one, which involves 4 weeks in the bush learning more about the animals, plants and local geology and about the general environment, walking and Game Driving in Big 5 territory, learning about the local communities and much more!

It is a fantastic experience for anyone who is interested in African Wildlife and ecology, whether or not you want the qualification, and is very cheap compared to going on an organised trip to SA.

I am not sure of the costs now but, when I, and a couple of Africam/Wildlifecampus friends, did it in 2001 it cost me just under £1,000 for 4 weeks full board including flights and extra expenses.

The Eco-training course can, I believe, still be taken in 2 x 2 week trips (please correct me if this has changed Todd) rather than a full 4 weeks.

It was, and still is, the most memorable time that I have spent in Africa - and I have been quite a few over the last 7 years.

There is a link to Eco-training on the Wildlifecampus website

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Yes, our courses are accredited and endorsed by the Field Guides Association and graduates do receive industry accredited and recognised certificates.

Until later

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Brilliant! Thanks for that information!

Quite interested in the Subscription.. so if i understand correctly these courese do give you qualifications?! Eg. If i ever wanted to come to S.A seeking voluntary work/pay work could i be accepted on completion of these courses?!

Sorry to be a pain lol

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Thanks for your interest,

Everything you need to know about our Courses and how we operate, follows below.

If you have any follow-up questions, please shout.

About WildlifeCampus

WildlifeCampus is a FGASA Accredited Trainer, and currently offers the best
- Game Ranging (Field Guiding)
- Trails Guide (Advanced Field Guiding, formerly (SKS [DA])
- Game Lodge Management
- Animal Tracks & Signs of Africa
- Marine Biology for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts
- Wildlife Photography
- FGASA Exam Preparation Course
- Wildlife Management
- Birding by Habitat Beginner, Enthusiast & Expert
- Game Ranch Economics
- Mammals of the South African Lowveld
- Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores
- Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores
- Behaviour Guide to African Primates
- Astronomy
- Hunting Debate
- Survival
- Introduction to Photography
- African Folklore
- The Guides Guide to Guiding
- Big "5"
courses available anywhere. These are targeted at the serious, curious, the career orientated and the wildlife enthusiast.

The best way to learn more about us, is to go along to www.wildlifecampus.com - visit the site, try our
21 Free Lessons and browse the comprehensive course curricula online. All our courses are delivered online but can also be downloaded, so you don't have to be online to study.

Our Game Ranging Course is the most comprehensive of its kind offered anywhere in the world
(± 2,000 pages of text supported by ± 3,000 images and ± 1,500 assessment questions). It also has the distinction of being the best value for money at R 2,400. The qualification (A Certificate in Game Ranging) gained from completing the full course is conferred by WildlifeCampus and accredited & endorsed by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). The associated practical is through Eco Training. For more information on the associated practical, please contact Eco Training directly, as they are a separate company. www.ecotraining.co.za (+ 27 [13] 745 7777)

Our Game Lodge Management Course, was written in collaboration with Wilderness Safaris, and is the first true Lodge Management course to have been released to the general public. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the creation and running of lodges, this offering is suitable for those seeking to enter this rewarding industry, or for safari companies that strive to emulate the accomplishments of one of the World’s most successful lodge group. It sells for R 675.

Our Wildlife Management Course is based on the University of Pretoria's Centre for Wildlife Management's Honours degree programme, but has been re-written so that no prior learning is required. The qualification gained by completing the full course is a Certificate in Wildlife Management, is conferred by WildlifeCampus. The associated practical is also conducted through EcoLife. The full online course cost is R 1,250. For more information on the associated practical, please contact EcoLife directly, as they are a separate company.
www.ecolife.co.za ( +27 [12] 460 5430)

Our Animal Tracks & Signs of Africa Course was written by Chris and Mathilde Stuart. Enhanced by over 300 illustrations, 1,300 photographs and a comprehensive assessment, this course takes an in-depth look at Tracks, Prints, Spoor, Trails, Droppings, Feeding Signs, Kill Sites, Mud Wallowing, Rubbing Posts, Tree Scratchings, Scent Marking, Holes, Bark-Stripping, Shed Hair, Skin & Feathers, Nests in and out of Trees, Mammal & Invertebrate Shelters and Skulls. This course will enhance your enjoyment of the wild, even when no animals are seen. It is highly recommended and sells for R 1,000.

Our Marine Biology Course for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts, also known as Marine Field Guiding is the benchmark Course for those who wish to greatly enhance their Marine-related activities for their clients as well as themselves. Whether you're active along the coast, inter-tidal zone or submerged on a coral reef, this course provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the habitat, ecology and organisms you're encountering. Irrespective of whether you're a professional marine guide, recreational diver or ocean enthusiast - this course is for you. It consists of 39 comprehensive Components and sells for R 1,150.

Our Wildlife Photography Course was written by world-renowned wildlife photographer, Daryl Balfour. In addition to the invaluable insights and tips on a vast range of topics, this course is filled with hundreds of examples of his own photography demonstrating various techniques, common mistakes and moments of brilliance. Applicable to the novice, dedicated enthusiast and semi-professional, this course is a MUST for those wanting to learn how to take that special shot; or for those seeking to turn their ordinary photographs into extraordinary captures of moment and time. It sells for R 900.

Our Advanced Animal Behaviour Courses were written by the world renowned ethologist, Professor Richard Estes, these are the most comprehensive courses of their kind. Featuring 115 Components, incorporating over 6,000 pages of text, line drawings, photographs, tables, graphs, references and assessment questions, this is everything you ever wanted to know about the behaviour, biology and ecology of African Carnivores, Herbivores and Primates. R 1,050 for African Carnivores, R 1,900 for African Herbivores and R 400 for African Primates. Should you wish to buy the whole series, you'll be entitled to a further 25 % discount, please enquire before you purchase.

The Mammals of the South African Lowveld Course is a composite course derived from the 3 courses described above, featuring only Lowveld endemic species. This 73 Component course sells for R 2,100.

Our Trails Guide Course, also known as Advanced Field Guiding (formerly Special Knowledge and Skills for Dangerous Animals ) is the follow-on from our Game Ranging Course. Written by Lex Hes and Anton Lategan of Eco Training, this is a must for those field guides who want to take their guiding to the next level or, for those who have enjoyed our Game Ranging Course and wish to explore Dangerous Animals from an in-depth perspective. It sells for R 480. This Trails Guide Course is accredited and endorsed by FGASA to their Level # 4 and co-conferred by Eco Training.

Full Course Descriptions for all of the WildlifeCampus Courses including their pricing is available on our website.

None of our courses have barriers to entry, due dates or deadlines, just fun, expertly written, interactive components. Included in the course costs is full academic support and the opportunity to join the more than 4,500 students from 108 countries in our virtual campus. In addition students are not required to purchase Full Courses or Full Modules, but are welcome to select individual components from any of our courses.

The WildlifeCampus courses are without doubt the absolute best currently offered by any provider anywhere in the world. Nobody can match us for price, convenience, ease of study, academic support, credibility, accreditation, endorsement, quality and fullness of course.

Academic Support

Full academic support is part of the programme, and students are encouraged to contact us at anytime for any queries or questions they might encounter on our courses. There are no additional costs attached to this service.

Purchasing Options

1) You can pay by credit card online (you'll receive an automatic 15 % discount off your first purchase).

2) We will happily issue you any courses your interested in now - and offer you a variety of offline payment solutions. The offline payment solutions do attract a nominal 5 % service fee.

3) You may subscribe to WildlifeCampus, effectively getting R 17,725 worth of courses for
R 200 per month. Our website carries extensive details on this option.

Although our prices are quoted in South African Rands, only those with SA Rand bank accounts pay in SA Rands. All other students pay the equivalent in their local currency at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.


The average student generally takes between 3 and 12 months to complete the Game Ranging, Wildlife Management and Animal Behaviour courses, depending on how much time they have available to devote to it. Our Trails Guide and Game Lodge Management courses take about a month. However, with no deadlines, you may take as much time as you need. Even after completing a course, you'll always retain access to the course material, including all updates and upgrades at no additional cost.


You may register and begin at anytime, we have no set semesters, terms or start times. You may begin any of our courses at anytime. Registration is completely free of cost and obligation, as are the 21 Free lessons. Please go ahead and try them out. This will give you a better understanding about our courses and you'll soon see if this is what you've been looking for.

When you take the free lessons once registered, you'll also be able to download the free lessons and take the free lesson tests. Our whole course offering is specifically designed for the distance learning student.


The practicals are run by separate companies and you don't have to be a WildlifeCampus student to participate, feel free to contact them directly for all their information, but please remember to mention that you were referred by WildlifeCampus for preferential booking.

The pracs run each month and have set start times, our online courses however may be taken at anytime, there are no set times, semesters, due dates or deadlines. You may do the online courses without ever doing the practicals and you may do the practicals without doing the online courses.


Our status as FGASA endorsed Trainer, means that FGASA reviews our courses annually and are satisfied that graduates of these courses will have no problem in passing their theoretical assessments for FGASA Level 1 and 2 (Game Ranging Graduates) and the Trails guide Graduates. However they still require that applicants wanting to gain a FGASA qualification, join their association, write the theoretical examinations and be practically assessed. You may join the association, write the exams and be practically assessed without having completed a course, but many candidates are found not competent (75% required), unless they already have a good wildlife background. FGASA is an accredited Training assessor with THETA (Tourism, Hospitality, Education and Sport Training Authority), however FGASA itself does not carry out training. This means that you can gain the required legal National qualification issued by THETA through FGASA.

The Certificate earned by completing the WildlifeCampus Game Ranging Course does bear the FGASA logo, but does not provide the graduate with instant FGASA qualification.

If you want to compare courses and pricing with other FGASA providers offering competing courses, please see the list of training providers on the FGASA website [www.fgasa.org.za] or phone the office at 011 -782 8296


Should you wish to become a legally qualified Nature Guide in South Africa

After completing all required THETA qualifications by means of the FGASA exams and practical assessments you will be issued with a learner achievement form and the relevant THETA certificate. You will then need to register with DEAT (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism). This can be done with your local provincial tourism authorities. To register with DEAT you will need proof of qualification (Certificate/ Provider letter / Learner Achievement form), a valid First Aid certificate and various other proof of identification forms and photographs. (This list is available from the Provincial Tourism Authorities)

Contact THETA at www.theta.org.za

WildlifeCampus has THETA registration and Interim accreditation (Phase B) but are not at present THETA accredited Training Providers, but will be able to assist graduates with the assessment and registration process for those students who won't be undertaking the Eco Training Practical (which includes the THETA assessment).


Lastly, even though the whole course may be completed it online, it may also be downloaded and printed.

If you require any further information or have any other queries, please don't hesitate to contact me further.

Until later


Todd Kaplan

Director of Education

Learn, Protect, Save.

Tel 011 656 1601
Fax 0866 55 32 85

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