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I'm French ;-)

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I'm French ;-)


I'm a french pupils.
I am 14 and leave in french in the departement of the 13.
I haven't a good english ^^
Please don't speack with me in SMS langage Eye-wink

I have one question : I can see more cams about differents animals but i can look one vieo ( the video in the water-place )

Thank you
Good Bye Laughing out loud

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Thank you all Eye-wink

I look the web site in my ...... manual af work in school XD

And i test and i meet Africam Eye-wink

Good Bye

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Bonjour. Cool
Welcome to AfriCam!

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Hi Metranef...WELCOME!!!

Here you can meet people of all over the world...
I'm from Greece and my son is 10 years old Laughing out loud

There is only one streaming video cam on Africam...This is the Nkorho Pan Cam.
There is also another streaming video cam from Botswana, the Petespond Cam and you can find it on National Geographic site at

All the other cams , as I know, here on Africam and on other sites are only still pictures . They are refreshed every few seconds.

Have fun watching the cams...and if you like to ask something...we are here for you ... Laughing out loud

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Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Hi Metranef, welcome to Africam and the Boma, a friendly place to meet ppl and learn about animals of Africa! The only streaming cam (live) on africam is Nkorho, Tau is still pics, hope that helps!

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