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Wahlberg eagle/s

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Wahlberg eagle/s

"Fani" wrote:

Here is the Tawny eagle we saw before several days ...Tabs ID it......I forgot to put those pics on African Birds ID ...I'll do it soon

and this is the pic Icati ID it like a Wahlberg !!!!!!

And this is the bird we saw before

It looks the same at all pictures
I'm totally comfused :roll: :twisted:

Is it decided then that all three eagles Fani posted are Wahlberg's eagle, or perhaps the same one? Is there a nest nearby or how many of them could be in the vicinity? How big a territory do a Wahlberg need? Could it be that we see the same bird every time. I have the impression that it shows up in the late afternoon every time.

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I think that the consensus is now that all 3 pics are of the same Wahlbergs eagle, including my own revised opinion ! :oops:

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