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How did you get your 'Africam Nickname'?

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How did you get your 'Africam Nickname'?

I got mine from a cat (Tabatha) who used to visit my Day Care Centre occasionally and who, eventually, moved in permanently after his (yes, he was a tom-cat!) owner passed away.....

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Joined: May 6 2013

I got mine from an African friend of mine who thought my name was Galvin, not Gavin, when we first met. He has been calling me Galvin ever since Tongue Out

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Joined: Apr 28 2013

Hmm that is a good question. I got mine from my boyfriend, who loves to drink guinness. Me personally, I just like the name.Laughing

TheLionKingSimba (not verified)
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my name is a reminder of the movie Lion King, and Simba The Lion King: Simba's Pride, not to get too big name

Abegweit (not verified)
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My name is  the native word for the Island in which I live.

Holdviola (not verified)
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My nickname is the honesty flower's hungarian name Smiling I'm keen on  not only for animals, I love every kind of plants Smiling

The hungarian "Hold" means Moon in english Smiling So it's a mystic term Smiling

orwaele (not verified)
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I recently fostered an elephant from DSWT called Orwa.. os its just Orwaele Smiling

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Joined: Feb 5 2012

I have two boys whose nicknames are Chubbs and Goobs. This was my attempt to combine the two.


Lovely place you have here!

Norica (not verified)
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my africam nickname is made of nor from NORway and ica from afrICA

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Joined: Aug 17 2011

I love cats(Katze in german)  and I´m coming from Black Forest Germany ,whats called Schwarzwald  in german . So Schwarzwaldkatze  is the same as cat  from black forest

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Joined: May 21 2011



In America the term "okie" is often said in a negative way but I think it means people trying to do something positive.   Okies moved from Oklahoma, when drought arrived, to find something better.  I am proud to live in this state.  Alice is the name my new parents gave me when I was adopted.  I used to work for AOL and often told people about Africam as a way to keep them interested in using the internet.  This site was just beginning back then.  I am glad to come back to Africam.


Alice of Many Seasons,
Many Places, Many Adventures

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