Africam addicts

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Africam addicts

Hi All

I have been away from Africam for a few month and when I came back it has all changed for the best. Nkorho is just the nuts.

Now I don't know if it is PC to promote another website on this or if it has been done before. But if you log onto:-

This is Pete's Pond in Botswana. Pete Le Roux is doing research project on elephants and impala populations and is doing some good work. Wildcam is as good as Nkorho stream and the two can be run together so you can get twice the action.

Happy Camming

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Welcome back, Shawsie!

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Hi Shawsie, welcome back
Thanks for the info about Pete's Pond, but most of us know Pete's Pond and some of us look at both, but this forum is meant for africam cam sightings, chit-chat, etc, as long as it has to do with africam.
About webcams, it's mind boggling what cams we can look at, amazing! If you have watched the first cam on africam up till what we see now. It gets better and better, wow!!

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