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picture problems

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picture problems

Hello there...
I'm figuring out how to get the pictures on the site. I downloaded mwsnap, know how to make pictures...but then...i'm lost Puzzled And when i take a picture, the webcam freezes, and only "plays" when i close mwsnap...there's something i must do wrong...but what? sorry, i'm very blond..... Laughing out loud

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thnxxxx i will try it all!!! If it works you will see some beautiful pics....and otherwise..... not......

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Hi Luna, you can also have a look in the following thread -

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I am not sure what the prob is, but I will tell you the steps I use for Mwsnap - maybe you can work something out from that?

1. open mwsnap Smiling
2. select 'any rect. area'
3. press 'snap any area'
4. mws wsnap minimises, then the little preview window pops up and my cursor is a plus/crosshair.
5. I move this to the top right hand corner of the cam, click left mouse once (this 'sets' the corner)
6. move my cursor to the bottom left corner of the camera and left click once. (this makes a dotted line box around the area I want to snap)
5. hit enter
There is a pause while snap takes the pic, and then the pic appears in mwsnap.
6. I usually then select repeat last, and as long as I dont move the cam window I just hit the 'repeat last capture' button whenever I want to take pic.
7. save save save lol!

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