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Nominations: Best Comedic Actor

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Nominations: Best Comedic Actor

Best Comedic Actor: This award is presented to the animal who contributes the greatest achievement in comedic acting to any particular Africam film. Please consider each nominee’s comedic timing and how long they actually made you laugh.

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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Well not exactly sure if this fits the criteria, BUT....it sure did make us laugh and we still have NOT stopped laughing.

Some members will do just about anything to get critters up to the WH for all of us to watch.

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Iceage (not verified)
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Let me introduce you to Lojanda,

Plays as a comedian in almost all the films were Baboons do act.

On this screenshots Lojanda  is playing Hide and Seek, But can play as a bodyguard also, and as a treasure digger on Elephant poop island.

if you see comedic  Baboon acting in any film, it is this one.!

Lojanda The best comedian  Baboon on Planet Earth.

makes me laugh each and everyday Kiss for hours.

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Nomination for best comedic Actor:

one of our original Ellie plumbers caught by me, aka bal24, on 3.15.07

The Ellie Dismembering the water pipe

jdozzi (not verified)
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I don't know who submitted the film because I can't find it again, but I'd like to nominate the bully rhino who first chased the vervets away from the waterhole and then chased off the impala.  He wanted the wh to himself!  Too funny.  I laughted through the whole film.

sweet mayapple (not verified)
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I didn't know that Fabby thanks.  Auntie Lynn might get a few more votes than bal24.Wink

Fabby (not verified)
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sweet mayapple wrote:

Plumbers Helper by bal 24


If I'm not mistaken, bal24 is known on here as Auntie Lyn Smile I think that's probably handy to know as well Smile

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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We would like to nominate some of our students, starting with one of our youngest students, 5 year old Katlyn:

' Oh how you inspired our students '

All of these videos were done by students, for students under the guidance and supervision of teachers. Thank you Africam.com for giving us such great subjects to work with.

Elephants on Parade.


Baby Face, done by Rachael 10 years old


Bombs Away: Done by Carol & Jennifer, 8 & 9 yrs old


Are you Lonesome Tonight:

Done by Chad & Amy both 9 years old.


Monkey Trouble: Done by the grade 2 class with the help of Teacher Carol


Lion kill: Done by two 14 year old boys. Mike & Sam



Frolicks at the waterhole....one of our favorites: Done by the 4th grade class.


sweet mayapple (not verified)
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Anyone remember the ellie and the water pipe?

Plumbers Helper by bal 24


cynthiab (not verified)
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I nominate klbak's film  for Baboon Baby synchronized swimming. Funny, original, with undertones of Thoreau-esque life lessons. This bab obviously travels to the beat of his own drummer. Smiling



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