Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.


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Do the following and you will be able to view places using the troublesome viewer such as Nkorho and Djuma.


1) Adjust your IE "In Viewer" settings to allow more cookies.

a) Load IE

b) Click on tools

c) Click on internet options

d) Click on privacy

e) Move the slider down to low or accept all cookies (try low first)

f) The popup blocker can be left on

g) For in private, check do not collect data for use by in browsing and disable toolbars when inprivate starts.

h) Click Apply and then OK.

2) If you are using an ad blocker, you must enable this one: */ads/*

3) Close and re-open IE.

4) Go to a Nkorho streaming cam page and, as it's loading the viewer, do a refresh (only required once to get rid of the old stuff. In the future, the stream will start without needing to do a flush of the temporary internet files).

5) Enjoy viewing all the cams!

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I checked mine and it was set at 100k and I don't have the problem with the full screen mode you mentioned.  So you may get by with much less buffer then 1mb on your pc.


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There is also a quirk in the download of Adobe Flash player 10 which may cause you not to see flash sites properly. Sometimes the new player arrives with a Global Storage setting of 1k and other times with settings of up to an unlimited amount. It may function normally on many sites with the 1k setting, and not on others. Sometimes, in the full screen mode, the words "Press ESC to Exit Full Screen Mode" never disappear. This is because the buffer size is too small. An incorrect buffer size is also why your Flash 10 player may sometimes not function properly before or after a reinstall.

The viewer used at Africam and Djuma require storage beyond the 1k minimum. To repair this, click on the link below and after it settles down, click on the second tab from the left (Global Storage Settings) in the box labeled "Adobe Flash Player Settings". When the slider appears, move it to 1mb from wherever it is located. Also check the box labeled "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer". Go to a flash site with which you were having problems and it should then function normally. A test of having the correct buffer size is to go to full screen and the "Press ESC to Exit Full Screen Mode" message should disappear after a few seconds. If not, you need to increase the buffer some more.

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Here is why the viewer fix works:

The new viewers contain a small ad box which controls the video feed. When the viewer is loaded, the ad site sends a cookie to your computer. It then checks to see if the cookie is enabled (so its ads will show) and if it finds it off or gets no response it will not turn on the live feed. IE's cookie level is normally set to medium but the ads cookie is blocked at that level. Once the ad is enabled to pass through your ad blocker and the cookie is enabled, the feed will be able to start.

This type viewer is now used by both Nkorho and Djuma. If your flash program works elsewhere, it will now work on these sites too without your needing to re-install or turn things on & off.

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