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Obama Vows To Fight Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

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Obama Vows To Fight Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

In an attempt to fight the global crisis of illegal wildlife trafficking which saw 30,000 elephants poached worldwide in 2012, US President Barack Obama has declared an executive order which includes 10 million dollars in aid.

“The survival of protected wildlife species such as elephants, rhinos, great apes, tigers, sharks, tuna, and turtles has beneficial economic, social, and environmental impacts that are important to all nations,” reads the order. “Wildlife trafficking reduces those benefits while generating billions of dollars in illicit revenues each year, contributing to the illegal economy, fueling instability, and undermining security.”

The order also includes a task force which will work with agencies and governments around the world to try and tackle this escalating crisis. South Africa alone, is on pace to see 1,000 rhinos killed this year. A staggering number considering between 2000-2008 the yearly average was only 20.

This announcement  comes after Obama's recent trip to Africa, and is being applauded by both wildlife conservation groups and animal lovers around the world.

Is there anything you can do to help? You can start by learning more about the WWF initiative to stop illegal wildlife trade HERE . You can also use the power of social media by taking snapshots of the animals they are trying to protect and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter HERE

<source: Huffington post>

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Thank You Mr President for

Thank You Mr President for your caring and future effortsd to help these helpless and awesome creatures from man's cruelty!


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