Idube Cam is down. Olifants River cam is down due to damaged fiber switches. We are working on solutions.

Often Cam problems

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Often Cam problems

I use to come to this site often for many years and truely enjoyed the live cams.  However in recent years, every time I came there was an issue with one or the other cam.  Every time I come here there is a problem.  The Elephant Plains has been down for days and now the Nkorho Pan has no sound.  I know they are in Africa which makes things difficult, however why are there so many problems with these cams so often?  I don't think I've been here once the past year or so where they were all up and running.  Sorry to complain but it is so frustrating.  It just happens too often.  I can stay away for months and come back to check and AGAIN one or more are down.  Here I back again and there is no sound on one cam and no video on the other.

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Hallo Jec,

Welcome on Africam.

When the cams, or one cam is down it is mostly power outage in the area.

At this moment EP is down . They have power problems there now.But working on it.   There is a thread . Current  cam status: click here

Hope you  keep looking at the cams  by visiting Africam.

If you have  questions, there is the daily BOMA forum. You can  go to.We also talk there about things we see at the cams


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