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Once was new?

Hi my name is Lil.  I was here for several years ago .  I had a stroke.  Could not talk, read, write or remember my address, stuff like that.  The hard part was that all of it was there, but did not now how to get it out.  Anyway, I have been working very hard to get back as normal as I can (will always working on it lol).  All is much better. Smile  Nuf at that. 

Hi all you.  I want to go to Africa.  I can stay for two weeks.  I can only go once. I have saved for this trip for years.  I need advice on how to go about it.  I know I will need a travel agent, but who.  I will need travel insurance for sure.   I need some places on the web where I can get  info, and advice.

It will be to get good shove in right direction.

Thanks, Lil

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Hi Lil and welcome back to Africam.

I went to South Africam (Sabi Sands and Kruger) in 2012 and it was well worth it.  You will need shots and malaria pills, so should go to a clinic that specializes in travel.  My travel agent was AAA/CAA (since I am in Canada) and everything went well.  Are you going to take a tour?  AAA probably has tours to areas in South Africa also - in which case you don't have to do any planning - just show up.


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Hi Lillie and welcome back.  I wish you a continued good recovery.  I can't help you with the trip to Africa questions as it is only a dream for me to go there but several of our members have gone and I hope can offer you some good advice. Good Camming.


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