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one last post for this am:

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one last post for this am:

One last post for me this morning, have to get to work. Finding that things in my Mozilla firefox are not working on the board. That is my preferred browser.

<ul> <li>Can't use my spell check.</li> <li>I can't use my smiley generator for forums.</li> </ul>

I will check the site out more when I get home from work.

edited to add, can't seem to make the html or bbc code to work either. 

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Still can't post with my firefox. I almost think it logged me on, but wont let me access anything. I have to switch to IE to post or access any of my information. Any suggestions. I am not happy with the new forum, at least not yet... sorry about that.

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Can't log in with my firefox now. it says I'm not authorized to make comments. I keep logging in, it wont take it. This is thru IE. Help??!!

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we have tested both FF & IE and u should be OK. Are u using the rich text options, because there should be buttons there to do what u want.

i know the moderators have been ok with this


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