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Only You--slideshow

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Only You--slideshow

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Thanks to all the picture takers, to Barry (krukab) for putting a lot of them in Moms and Babies and a big thank you to all the animals for all the joy they bring us!!!

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Wow, did all that happen on

Wow, did all that happen on our Cams ?  Great Stuff Sass, really enjoyable

Africam Drupal Admin

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A lovely collection. Baby

A lovely collection. Baby animals are so delightful.

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Awesome! I enjoyed that very

Awesome! I enjoyed that very much...all the sweet critters.  Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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This is lovely - thank you,

This is lovely - thank you, Morris. 

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Wonderful! Thanks to you and

Wonderful! Thanks to you and all the folks who help preserve special memories Smiling


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Thank you, Morris, for this

Thank you, Morris, for this great slide show -- it definitely brought a smile to my face. :)  And it was a great choice of music!  Thank you for all you do...

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An excellent slide show

An excellent slide show Sassabuck.  Really well put together with good music.  What a lovely way to see the animals.  Thank you.



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That's a great

That's a great compilation.  Thanks to you, those that captured the pictures and the zoomies.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.... especially when the cams go down.

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