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Orange pop upHi

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Orange pop upHi

Hi all


Is there any way the orange pop up can be blocked, its a right pain

tarzan11 (not verified)
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I was wondering if there was some way you could not have adverts constantly popping up automatically during live cam feeds?


I completely understand the need for Africam to have adverts to help pay for the site.


But I can't see the point of having the adverts pop up constantly while watching live feeds. Even when I have closed the pop up advert it comes back up again and again and again.


Once or at the beginning of watching a live cam I understand.


But how many times do I need to see the same advert in the space of an hour. Especially when the same advert pops up and obscures the view and at the critical point. This doesn't make me want to buy the product but instead turn off the cam altogether. I have being using Africam to view the wonder of Africa since 1999, not to view constant advertising.


Please, use common sense and stop these annoying adverts popping up constantly during the live feeds. Once is enough, but not all the time automatically. Once I have closed an advert it should remain closed.


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Hi Cyber - I think I know what you mean. The ads that are on your cam windows? If so, there's a small x that you can click on to close it for a while. Then it comes back up again. You can't get rid of them completely, though. Good luck!

cybertraveler (not verified)
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Hi Gerda

I get two main ads. one for orange blackberry phones the other for bejewled, some sort of game

The ads take up the bottom quarter of my screen. The orange one is a real pain as it pops up every couple of minutes

I have in the past changed my adobe settings off a link posted on Africam, but have not been able to find it again

Thank you for your attention to this matter


Gerda (not verified)
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and could you give the name of the ad as we get different ads in different parts of the world we often don't see the same things.


Gerda (not verified)
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hi cybertraveler,

where do you get the pop up ?


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