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Ostriches are the largest living birds on the planet with males weighing in at up to 80 kg (176 pounds). The largest on record weighed a whopping 157kg (345 pounds)! An adult bird stands up to 2m tall at the head. Ostriches are incapable of flight but are powerful runners. They have long necks and legs. The males plumage is mostly black with white wings and white or rufous tail. Females are brownish grey. The male has a deep, booming, four syllabled call sounding not dissimilar to the distant roar of a lion. We can tell from the above images that this male is not in a breeding phase because the shins of the breeding males become a bright red colour. Males perform elaborate courtship displays with outstretched wings and assists with the incubation of eggs and protection of the nest which is a shallow scrape in the ground. The male incubates the eggs from late afternoon till just after sunrise when the female takes over for the day shift. Their different colours – black for incubating at night and browns for incubating the eggs during the day make for effective camouflage of the nest with the conspicuous white eggs. Male ostriches can be very aggressive and should be considered potentially dangerous and able to inflict serious injury by trampling and kicking with their sharp two-toed feet. Ostriches feed on berries, grass, seeds, insects, small reptiles and succulent plants.