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Other Cams?

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Other Cams?

Hello from West Virginia, USA.  I am new here.  I didn't know where exactly to post this question, so, I hope this is ok.   I was looking through the "Highlights" section at the different pictures posted by people.  They are great.  What I would like to know is where (what site or webcam) did they use to take them?  The only webcams that I can find are the Nkorho Pan and the Elephant Plains.  The scenery in the pictures in the Highlights section is different than the scenery on Nkorho Pan and Elephant Plains.  I want to see as much as I can and take pictures and video.  I love this site.  I found it about 4 days ago and I am EXTREMELY addicted.  It is great.  Keep up the good work and hopefully, we will see more webcams come soon.   Laughing

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Hello mmet67,

the pictures you find in  highlights are pics submitted from the refresh cams. 

You can find the links to these cams in the left column under refresh cams.

Welcome to Africam !



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