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Pair of leopards

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Pair of leopards

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I think the small one was a female ready to mate. It just looked like the way the one acted when we saw them mate at EP.

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Thanks Morris. Someone

Thanks Morris. Someone mentioned that Mvula has had several "ladies" interested in him over the last few months. It appears he has shown no least while folks are watching.


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Thank you Morris - I missed

Thank you Morris - I missed them so it was good to be able to see the video.  She is behaving very much like Safari did with Mafufunyane when we watched them mating earlier this year and the growling is also the same.

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Agreed, 4:06 it looks like

Agreed, 4:06 it looks like she is presenting herself to him. Bushie did mention Mvula and a female were seen over the weekend almost in camp. Nice spot.



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