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Belonging to the order Phlidota and the family Manidae the pangolin Manis temminckii (Smuts, 1832) – is truly a remarkable and strange looking creature. It looks somewhat like an elongated pine cone. The body, neck, legs and tail are covered with large, brown overlapping scales. The small, pointed head is protected by smaller scales. The forefeet are armed with five long digging claws. The forelegs are shorter than the hind legs. The hind feet terminate in five toes with short nails. The tail is long and broad. The underside of the head, neck, body, and inside of the legs are sparsely covered with flattened hair. The eyes are small, ears elongated grooves. They have no teeth and a long extensible narrow tongue. They weigh on average7,2kg (15 – 16 pounds) but as much as 14,5kg (32 pounds). They are solitary and generally nocturnal. Hides under debris or in holes during daylight hours. Rolls up in a tight ball and due to it’s exceptional strength is almost impossible to open by hand. It is capable of inflicting severe cuts with a sliding motion of the broad tail across the curled up body if carelessly handled. When feeding it scrapes a hole with the front claws in an ant or termite nest, inserts it’s head and draws out ants / termites into it’s mouth with it’s tongue, to which they adhere by sticking or biting into. Ingests a lot of soil together with the ants or termites. A single young is born and the scales harden two days after birth.