There is no audio at Tembe. Nkorho is down. Thank you for your paitence.

Panning Camera

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Panning Camera

Hi there - I have just logged on and to my delight I see the cameras panning around the watering hole.  This is just great as I have just been getting still pictures and to see the movement was fantastic.  Thank you very much  Claire - New Zealand

Gerda (not verified)
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Hello Claire !

Welcome to Africam !

enjoy the sights and sounds of the bush !


azlady13 (not verified)
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¡Hola,Claire!  I'm in Phoenix physically but my head and heart are at the wh.  Welcome to Africam.  Feel free to ask questions.   There is even a thread under waterhole called Q & A.  But any of us would be glad to answer.

the goldendragon (not verified)
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Hi Claire  welcome to my favorite favorite place.   I am in southern California  and am a claire too.  I hope to see you often at the water hole.  Cool

Ann (not verified)
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Welcome, Claire!  I started watching during the winter months and there was a steady stream of animals during the day and usually rhino, ellies (elephants), hyena and jackals coming at night.  Once every few weeks a herd of Cape buffalo (buffs) would come marching through the entire waterhole (wh).  It seems that during the winter, other sources of water dry up and the Nkorho Pan can also add water with a pump, so that attracted more animals.  Now, it is the beginning of summer and it has rained more, so fewer animals coming.  Sometimes we can see puddles of water closer to the trees and some of the smaller antelope will drink from there.  The camera is operated by volunteers in the lodge and since they have other duties to perform, they can't pan the area all day.  As I write, someone is panning!  It is also much easier to spot animals in the bush and tree line when there aren't as many leaves as now, but the "zoomies", as we call them are very good at finding them.  Look for giraffe (raffi), impala, wildebeest (wildie) and even ellies to be hidden there sometimes.  Please check out the database forum where you will see photos and descriptions of all the different animals that have come to the wh in the past.  I notice that you are from New Zealand.  I traveled there in 2003 to attend an International Family Child Care Organisation Conference.  We started with a study tour that began in Auckland and ended in Wellington for the conference.  I only got to tour the North Island, but it is beautiful.  I hope a lot of animals will come whenever you are able to watch.  Happy camming!

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