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Penny's January 2008 trip to Kruger Park

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Penny's January 2008 trip to Kruger Park

Penny and family are currently in Kruger Park.

Pen wasn't able to post before their departure as her computer crashed! 

Latest news received from Penny earlier today is that their sightenings have been far and few, generally dismal,  but they have seen over the past 10 days 5 lion, sable on the S36, some rhino and ellies and a few other animals. The S35 is very muddy and slippery due to all the rain last week.

Due to Crocodile Bridge Entrance gate being closed because of water running over the low level bridge, they are obliged to travel to Malalane daily to access Kruger Park now that they are staying at their timeshare. Quite a detour.

Last week was really cold there and now boiling hot again.

Lets hope over the next few days they will have some better sightenings and maybe if no rain falls again, Croc Bridge entrance may be open in a day or so. 




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News in from Penny a short while ago

"Pouring with rain and a storm. We saw elephants, rhinos' and buffies as well as the white tip of a leopards tail. Tomorrow is a long drive to take Gareth to Orpen so hope the causeway (at Croc Bridge entrance) is not flooded again "

Weather forecast shows a lot more rain forecast for that area.


foxy (not verified)
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News just in from Penny :

"Wild dog this morning at top end of where S28 joins tar and leopard on S25 this afternoon" 

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Hello Foxy!

Thanks for posting Penny's trip report Smile   



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