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Pete's Pond

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Pete's Pond

Help!! I have been trying to view Pete's Pond for weeks, and all I get is the same video of elephants.  Have tried to contact NGM. and no answer, have tried to contact wild cam and no answer.   This seems to be the only form that answers questions.

Thanks for any help to my questions

sincerely, sunfish from FL


does anyone know what is making the noise on E P ?

ofjr (not verified)
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Pete's Pond has been out of order for a couple of weeks. All you can see is a prerecorded video. They had camera problems. They have to replace the cameras and they are enhancing the system. They are also going to lenghten the viewing through the rainy season. According to their latest email they should go "live" some time in March. In the meantime enjoy NK and EP. Those are great sites too!Laughing

jandd86 (not verified)
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Sunfish, try MyAfrica-Site.com.  They have a Pete's Pond forum that can give you an update.  Think the cam is down, waiting for a part.

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