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Pete's Pond Cam Chat, Saturday 2 February 2008

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Pete's Pond Cam Chat, Saturday 2 February 2008

New day for Pete's Pond

Saturday 2 February 2008

wile1 (not verified)
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I was reading on the board somewhere someone saying that they noticed the elephants at PP taking a mud bath in a small mud hole off to the left of the pond.. I think the reason for this is.. Although they do go into the water at PP.. last year the pond was much shallower and smaller .. The area near the shore cam was a wallow sometimes called warthog wallow... The area near the rocky outcrop was nothing but mud and the elephants used it a  lot..  The whole right side of the pond was cleared and looks like the whole pond may have been dug out around the shores..  Its much bigger than last year..  Which may explain them going over to the area where the drainage is and using it as a mud bath instead.. Theres no wallows anymore in the pond......... Hope this helps whoever was asking.....

Berendina (not verified)
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I have been watching PP since last year but never checked out their forum. You weren't kidding, slooooow. It is going to be painful just reading, I'm glad I'm not much of a poster.

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SA, I'll be doing the same as Maxx...At my age I don't care much for the "C-Word" (change), But I guess the sooner I get used to posting elswhere, the better! Eye-wink


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maxx (not verified)
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To each is his own....but effective immediately, I will be posting about Pete's at the other place. If I want to discuss Africam, I will come here. Another browser window open I guess....

secretadmirer (not verified)
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So where are we posting at now, here or the other forum? I just signed up there...still logged on over there so will be checking both I guess

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