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Pete's Pond Cam Discussion, Wednesday 7 November 2007

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Pete's Pond Cam Discussion, Wednesday 7 November 2007

   Pete's Pond Cam Discussion

  Wednesday 7 November 2007

mcpats (not verified)
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Elephants at PP.

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Yote can you give me the link that you posted about the wild dogs please?  It is a beautiul sunset over PP



penzi ndovu (not verified)
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Wow how beautiful..that is..

meisjesanne76 (not verified)
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What a fantastic view, the sunset is beautiful!


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Good evening all :-) 

Emjay, Campbell posted a sticky in the watering hole forum about posting comments & pictures from other streaming cameras. 

you can read it here

karen-inVA (not verified)
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GREAT NEWS WILES!!! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing them one day at Pete's too.

Emjay (not verified)
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Lady's Mom wrote:

I think there are limitations to the pix that can be posted from other cams. Hopefully a mod will see this & answer for sure.

This is where the mods told me to post pics from Pete's pond, but if it upsets the applecart... no need.  Just keep looking at dumb geese pics! 

wile1 (not verified)
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Definetly great news for the area.. Everyone is so excited! :D 

Lady's Mom (not verified)
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WOW WOW WOW WILE!!!  What exciting news!  Thanks for sharing it!  Can hardly wait to see them!

wile1 (not verified)
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News from Petes Pond.... According to Afke and the other volunteers... Wild dogs have been released into the reserve again... Here is what happened according to Afke and the others... 12 hours ago...

Hi everybody,

Some Wild Dogs are being released into the wild in the next hour or so, just as everything seems to have been rectified i.e . Afke fixed our camera's and ability to post blogs on this forum. Smile

Due to the wild dogs being released though the camera's will be placed on Autopan until we return. Thank you for all of your patience last night with the sound and Camera's.

Cheryl and Marc

10 hours ago...

Hi there everyone,

We may be able to post but due to the hide being busy today not had chance to update you on anything... Smile

There are 18 Wild dogs in total being introduced with 9 being adults and 9 being young (don't know how many are actually babies though) but although i put released on the forum i meant they're being introduced... Due to their nomadic nature and ability to walk long distances if they were released straight away they would potentially disappear from the area and return to where they came from!

So they are being introduced into an area of land where they will be (for lack of a better word though this doesn't describe it well) acclimatised to the region so that they would stay around the region. So here's hoping for Pete's Pond 2008 to have Wild Dogs.

They are similar in size to your standard alsation dogs, but they generally move around in packs of 10-20 with great homing and hunting skills and work together as a unit!

Hope this is all helpful Smile


From Afke 7 hours ago...

The Wild Dogs arrived just before sunset. They looked good after their long journey and were calmly looking around.

All the crates with the adults were put up in a line, facing the bush in the enclosure and on or behind every crate was a person ready to pull the sliding door up and let the Wild Dogs go.

On the crate closest to me, sat our own Cheryl!!

When the sign was given, all the crates were opened and after a second or two all the dogs but one ran out. The last one waited a few seconds longer, but then also ran into the bush. They greeted each other with high pinched voices, tailes waving and the dogs jumping on and around each other, licking each others snouts. It certainly sounded and looked like a happy reunion!

None of us could stop smiling, however tired some of the people might have been after the long and stressful day.

Then the trailer with the pups was opened, and we saw a bundle of pups (around 7 or 8 months old I think) sleeping! One of them lifted it's head, looked around and went back to sleep...

All the cars were taken out and we all left to let them come out in their own time.

None of us wanted to leave right after this, so we stood there in the fading light, smiling, talking or just listening if we could pick up any Wild Dog sounds.

It was impressive and touching and what a wonderful thought there are Wild Dogs again at Mashatu!

From Afke 6 hours ago...

It was truely wonderful to see them and to see the adults reunite!

When it was dark we all left. By that time the pups weren't out yet. We just gave them time and space to do it their own way and give the adults a chnace to come back to them.

The Wild Dogs will be monitored and one or two will have a collar. But they will stay in the enclosure for at least a month or two. How large the enclosure is I don't know. I will ask and let you know.

There were a lot of camera's around, but between Paul, myself and Marc we don't have a good picture of the actual release. They were so fast! Remember when we had the Hyena's on cam one night with the Elephants? We only saw a moving blurr on cam. That is how fast the Wild dogs were and what the pictures of today look like.

But... I have a tiny video of it, taken with my digital camera. I will see what I can do to show that to you. Just bare with me, because I need a little time to do so. I also have a tiny video of the greetings.

Michelle, I am glad you got it all and enjoy it. You will love the book 

Enjoy the African evening all !!!


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