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Photo of Day #3: Potted Plant Owl

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Photo of Day #3: Potted Plant Owl

Owl is sleeping under the stars

I always dedicate things to animals, birds and so on. So a bit of desire to know how things are going for you. But I'll be bringing this camera to direct the PO, and a dark night will do nothing missing that owl is sleeping almost all day taking care of her cub who is always by his side, one brave mother, expecting the birth of a beautiful baby owl , a day raises the wings for a flight is so beautiful, tears in his eyes falls for her son to try to get whatever possible to help the mother and to have a flight more beautiful than her, this was the mesagem for birds and leave the photo (above) will be like this owl is going to be born beautiful, flying around Africa with his mother.


Leave in the comments and what your animal, bird or other animal breeds you wish you had and why

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Hello TheLionKingSimba,

Unfortunately this year the eggs are not viable.  There was an update from PPO team this morning.  The webcam will be shut off tomorrow (Wed 17th October) in the morning SA time.  Everything will be left as it is, and Nature will take it's course.

Thanks for posting your picture.

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